Precision Healthcare in an African Context

The future of healthcare is personal.

A technology-driven revolution is happening in the way patients, doctors and medical service providers understand and treat disease, moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. In the future, health interventions will be based on each patient's unique physical attributes - including information such as the patient's genetic sequence - to drive the selection of drugs and other treatments. Monitoring and adherence will be tailored to each patient's behaviour and unique needs.

The results will be vastly improved healthcare outcomes and lower costs. We call this precision healthcare - making people healthier by focusing on individuals, not populations.

Sancreed is at the forefront of the technologies, services and business models that will make precision healthcare possible for South Africa. We're on a journey to bring the recent incredible advances in science to consumers and healthcare professionals in a way that's tailored to South Africa's needs and the unique characteristics of South Africa's people.


Chronic Disease Management

Right now, Sancreed is helping patients with chronic conditions to live healthier lives through advanced self-monitoring and training delivered via telephonic coaching and a cross-platform mobile app. We call this Guidepost - a unique solution to improving the lives of thousands of people with chronic conditions.