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  1. Genetic variant discovery could improve safety, effectiveness of drugs for asthma and COPD
    Research from the University of Liverpool, published today in Lancet Respiratory Medicine, identifies a genetic variant that could improve the safety and effectiveness of corticosteroids, drugs that are used to treat a range of common and rare conditions including asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  2. Medical University of Vienna to partner with bio.logis GIM in pharmacogenetics
    Within the framework of U-PGx, an EU project for promoting the use of pharmacogenetic insights in healthcare, the Medical University of Vienna will implement the Genetic Information Management Suite developed by bio.logis Genetic Information Management GmbH.
  3. New clinical practice guideline for using CYP2D6 genotype to guide tamoxifen therapy
    An international group of clinicians and scientists representing the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium published the first-ever clinical practice guideline for using CYP2D6 genotype to guide tamoxifen therapy in Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.
  4. Medicare fails to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in lab overcharges
    Five years ago, Companion DX Reference Lab hoped to cash in on cutting-edge genetic tests paid for by Medicare.
  5. MTSA expands efforts to fight against national opioid epidemic
    Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia announced it is expanding efforts to educate Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists on treatment options that reduce or eliminate the need for opioids during and after surgery.